Manage your church at your fingertips

Our mission is to empower church leaders with modern apps to recruit, connect, organize and train disciples to fulfill the great commission of Matthew 28 and Revelation 14.

Below are examples of how Odoo can benefit churches. Development is required to launch the services.

Connect with visitors

When the Holy Spirit is leading people towards your church, what is their first impression? When they visit your website, what will meet them?
(This website is made with the basic theme. In October 2019, Odoo SA announced that all their website themes will be open sourced.)

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Receive a free book

Ask for their postal address so you can deliver the book, by mail or with a personal visit.

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Subscribe to our newsletter

Send regular emails about activities, news, interesting insights etc. to subscribers.

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Chat with us

Communicate instantly with people. They might have questions and love to chat directly with you.

Engage members

All activities happen thanks to volunteers. When people join your church, how can they develop and use their talents?

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Take online courses

Train your members to become disciples, qualified for various responsibilities.

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Connect with your team

Give access to the contact info of other members with the same responsibility.

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Never forget a duty

Notify members according to their preference so they always remember when they are on duty.

Manage the activities

What a blessing with an active church! How to organize events, cover the expenses and get real-time reporting?

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Collaborate online

Receive event registrations and payments online, assign participants to groups, duties, lodging etc.

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Fund-raise online

Receive one-time or recurring donations,
and communicate with the donors.

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Simplify the accounting

Integrate with payment transactions, scanned documents etc. and monitor your KPIs.

Help us launch these services for free!

Open source thanks to Odoo SA and Odoo Community.